Installing new online league on a Mac


With your OOTP game closed, the first step is to locate the library folder, which should be under the User section in your finder.

From there go to Application Support > Out Of The Park Developments > OOTP Baseball 18 > saved_games.

Or from the OOTP load game screen, if you hit open folder it should take you to the selected league file, and from there if you right click on the folder and hit 'get info', you can find the path under 'general'.

And then add the folder name (which should contain an “.lg” on the end).


The rest of the process of adding the league files is the same in either a Mac or PC.

Within the LEAGUE.lg (LEAGUE being the name of your league) you can unzip your provided league files.

Among those files there may be a “settings” folder. If not, you must manually create one. Into that folder you must place your provided “accountsdata_gms.dat” file, which is needed for the export/download coordinates.

You should now be set up and ready to go.


Start OOTP, load your new league file. FIRST thing to do would be download the up to date file, which also tests your ability to do that. Then immediately export your league file, again testing that.

You should be good to go!




It was a busy session for the PBL rules committee this off season. Eight issues were discussed. Here is a summary of the session.

Extensions. The group decided that on the whole the system we have in place is good. We will make one small adjustment. Instead of allowing extensions of 2+ years after two arbitration seasons they can now be done after the player completes 5 years of major league service time. This should make it easier for the GMs to follow and to track. Also, we will put the extension rules close to the top of the constitution to make it easier to find.

Franchise Player. This was discussed and while we do appreciate and encourage the creative thinking it was decided that it is not in the best interest of the league to adopt or pursue this option.

Signing Comp Eligible Free Agents after draft picks are traded. We did not come to a consensus on this. It will be shelved for the season and discussions will resume in next seasons session.

Ratings by league level. Watch for a poll to open soon for the league to vote and decide on this issue.

Playoff rosters to use the entire 40 man. This change has been approved and will be active this season.
 Everyone on your 40 man roster as of September first in game will be eligible for your playoff roster.

Budget Floor. A recommendation was made to consider adding a budget floor. After discussion it was decided to not implement one.

Removing the 10/5 player tag. A recommendation was made to remove the 10/5 player tag. After a long debate in the group we put it up to a committee vote. The committee voted in favor of changing the setting in game.  Players will no longer be able to block trades based on their veteran status.  This change will be made at the end of spring training.

Dead Team Management. A request was made for the committee to review how dead teams are managed to keep them competitive in the season and in reasonable shape for a new GM to step in and take over. We discussed how things are managed now and concluded that pretty much everything that can be done is being done.

Thanks a ton to committee members for donating their time and thoughts to the league.

Derek (Red Sox)
Shane (Pirates)
Luc (Diamondbacks)
Nick (Indians)
David (Expos)

You guys rock.



After the committee session completed a scenario was brought to our attention that we had not anticipated.  Requiring 5 years of major league service time can end up forcing a team to wait until the final season of team control before offering a 2+ year extension.  That was not the intent of the rule.

The league governance has been updated to read "Any player under team control that has completed 4 years of major league service time and 2 arbitration hearings is eligible for a multi-year PBL contract extension."

We apologize for the confusion if there are any questions please ask.

Courtesy: cantstoptheROCK

Getting started Step-by-Step

1) First go to

2) Next download the league file. Depending on the speed of your computer this should take about 5 minutes.

3) Next, create a new folder and open the league file. I use an extraction software called WinRAR because they haven't forced me to pay for it yet. Maybe you're a more moral person than I am, and would rather purchase yours. Don't judge me.

4) Drag the contents of the league file to your new folder.

5) Name the New Folder PBL.lg.    That is a lowercase L not an I, so you know.

6) Open up the saved_games folder in your OOTP Baseball 17 folder. Drag PBL.lg there. It's not a sure thing that your OOTP folder will be located in the same place as mine, but I find it in my Documents folder. If you use Steam or a Mac to play OOTP then yours may be in a different place.

7) Open OOTP 17 and click the Load Game button.

8) PBL should now be listed as a game you can open. Select it and click OK.

9) Select your name and use the password the Commish gave you to login. If you're not sure what your password is, PM the Commish. If you're not sure what my password is, then that means the system works.

10) You're now set up to make any changes to your team that you want. When you are done, click the Export Your Team via FTP button to send your updates to the Commish. Export routinely, to make sure every change you make actually occurs.

When the Commish posts a new update you no longer have to use this process to get the new file (Although you can if some error occurs). From now on, just click the Download Latest League File button and you'll receive the new League File. This can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

Hope that helps you get set up.

The Committee has discussed all items and have decided the following.

1) We will be shutting off Delayed Diagnoses of injuries.  You should no longer see "Diagnoses Pending".

2) Playing Ratings by League Level passed with a majority so that will be turned on.  We will follow up after a couple of seasons to discuss if we have witnessed unintended consequences of having it on.

3) We will be adding a line to the rules in the Contract Extensions section.  "A one-year contract, strictly to avoid arbitration in the first and second arb years, may be offered to arbitration eligible players after the off-season begins."

4) We will be updating the settings to use Dynamic Ratings.

5) We will be updating the rules to state "Only a second team option year may follow a team option year (in other words, no other kinds of options or opt-out)."

6) It was decided that specific punishments for recurring violations is not necessary.  The committee will address egregious violations individually if and when the situation arises.

7) We will remain on the current 1-10 scale.

8) We will not be implementing any kind of stadium modifications at this time.

Shout out to the committee members.  Your time and participation is very much appreciated.

Derek (Commissioner)
Shane (piratesgm)
Nick (Cleveland Co-GM ( Nick ))
Luc (Luc_AZdbacks)
David (David_ExposGM)
Ron (Ron_Padres)

This will close this session of the committee.  We will pick up a new session just after the conclusion of the playoffs.  We will compile a list of subjects through the season.  If there is anything any GM would like to propose, post on the boards or send a private message to anyone on the committee.