It was a busy session for the PBL rules committee this off season. Eight issues were discussed. Here is a summary of the session.

Extensions. The group decided that on the whole the system we have in place is good. We will make one small adjustment. Instead of allowing extensions of 2+ years after two arbitration seasons they can now be done after the player completes 5 years of major league service time. This should make it easier for the GMs to follow and to track. Also, we will put the extension rules close to the top of the constitution to make it easier to find.

Franchise Player. This was discussed and while we do appreciate and encourage the creative thinking it was decided that it is not in the best interest of the league to adopt or pursue this option.

Signing Comp Eligible Free Agents after draft picks are traded. We did not come to a consensus on this. It will be shelved for the season and discussions will resume in next seasons session.

Ratings by league level. Watch for a poll to open soon for the league to vote and decide on this issue.

Playoff rosters to use the entire 40 man. This change has been approved and will be active this season.
 Everyone on your 40 man roster as of September first in game will be eligible for your playoff roster.

Budget Floor. A recommendation was made to consider adding a budget floor. After discussion it was decided to not implement one.

Removing the 10/5 player tag. A recommendation was made to remove the 10/5 player tag. After a long debate in the group we put it up to a committee vote. The committee voted in favor of changing the setting in game.  Players will no longer be able to block trades based on their veteran status.  This change will be made at the end of spring training.

Dead Team Management. A request was made for the committee to review how dead teams are managed to keep them competitive in the season and in reasonable shape for a new GM to step in and take over. We discussed how things are managed now and concluded that pretty much everything that can be done is being done.

Thanks a ton to committee members for donating their time and thoughts to the league.

Derek (Red Sox)
Shane (Pirates)
Luc (Diamondbacks)
Nick (Indians)
David (Expos)

You guys rock.



After the committee session completed a scenario was brought to our attention that we had not anticipated.  Requiring 5 years of major league service time can end up forcing a team to wait until the final season of team control before offering a 2+ year extension.  That was not the intent of the rule.

The league governance has been updated to read "Any player under team control that has completed 4 years of major league service time and 2 arbitration hearings is eligible for a multi-year PBL contract extension."

We apologize for the confusion if there are any questions please ask.