The Committee has discussed all items and have decided the following.

1) We will be shutting off Delayed Diagnoses of injuries.  You should no longer see "Diagnoses Pending".

2) Playing Ratings by League Level passed with a majority so that will be turned on.  We will follow up after a couple of seasons to discuss if we have witnessed unintended consequences of having it on.

3) We will be adding a line to the rules in the Contract Extensions section.  "A one-year contract, strictly to avoid arbitration in the first and second arb years, may be offered to arbitration eligible players after the off-season begins."

4) We will be updating the settings to use Dynamic Ratings.

5) We will be updating the rules to state "Only a second team option year may follow a team option year (in other words, no other kinds of options or opt-out)."

6) It was decided that specific punishments for recurring violations is not necessary.  The committee will address egregious violations individually if and when the situation arises.

7) We will remain on the current 1-10 scale.

8) We will not be implementing any kind of stadium modifications at this time.

Shout out to the committee members.  Your time and participation is very much appreciated.

Derek (Commissioner)
Shane (piratesgm)
Nick (Cleveland Co-GM ( Nick ))
Luc (Luc_AZdbacks)
David (David_ExposGM)
Ron (Ron_Padres)

This will close this session of the committee.  We will pick up a new session just after the conclusion of the playoffs.  We will compile a list of subjects through the season.  If there is anything any GM would like to propose, post on the boards or send a private message to anyone on the committee.