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    Big Day with Bat: Vizcaino 6-6(Sample Article)


    Friday, May 10th, 1991: Jose Vizcaino really sizzled at the plate today. In a game played at Oakland-Alameda Coliseum, the Oakland shortstop blistered the Texas Rangers for 6 hits in 6 at-bats to pace his club to a 13-7 victory.

    "Vizcaino was too tough to get out today," the Rangers skipper said in his postgame interview. "No matter what we threw him, he hit it. And he hit some good pitches, too."

    J. Vizcaino singled in the 1st, hit a GRAND SLAM off M. Leiter in the 2nd, hit an RBI single in the 4th, singled in the 6th, hit a solo-shot off L. Andersen in the 8th and hit an RBI single in the 9th.

    Presently Vizcaino is batting .357 and has collected 5 home runs, 27 RBIs, .421 OBP and scored 24 runs.

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